Gosford Business Improvement District


Number one secret to a successful business!

Tom OToole


A couple of weeks ago, I attended a workshop facilitated by a fellow called Peter Kenyon, entitled “Keeping the tills ringing”. This workshop was all about how individual small businesses (like yours!) can ensure the success of a small regional city (like Gosford!).

The workshop was inspirational! Peter talked a lot about a small town in Victoria, called Beechworth. It was a little worse for wear, and business was slow since the gaol closed down. Along came a baker called Tom O’Toole, who bought the local bakery and turned the town around. Beechworth is now the number one tourist town in rural Victoria!

Tom now owns 6 bakeries and employs over 70 people. And the number one tip for the success of his business is ‘Positively outrageous customer service’!

So, is your customer service up to scratch? Is your staff giving the best possible service? To find out, take a look at Tom’s blog here. To read more about Beechworth Bakery, have a look here.


Notes to Editor

Gosford Business Improvement District inc. (GBID) is a not-for-profit association. The main source of funding is via a Special Rate Levy paid by all commercial property owners in Gosford CBD. GBID´s role is to continually improve Gosford City to make the CBD more commercially viable, safer, cleaner and more attractive.

GBID achieves these objectives by organising and financing improvement projects to enhance the city centre and developing festivals and events which attract more people to Gosford city. With current and future development plans, Gosford has a very bright future. For more information visit www.gosfordcity.com.au

or contact Edwina Nikora, Project Manager Gbid on 4322 7726 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .